Anana Kaye “American Smile”

Anana Kaye’s “American Smile” open slowly with little more than Anana’s vocals and a soft guitar line. The drums follow up shortly after, and as the single continues to play, Kaye is able to gradually shift to a richer, modern interpretation of Americana/folk styles. Hints of Stevie Nicks and Cyndi Lauper can be heard here. Fans will need to play American Smile multiple times before hearing every twist and turns presented here. For example, the instrumental arrangement is much deeper than a passing listen would indicate. A hard-hitting track, this narrative is something thoughtful and showcases a good step forward for Anana Kaye. Continue reading “Anana Kaye “American Smile””

My Silent Bravery “Girl You Think You Know”

My Silent Bravery’s “Girl You Think You Know” is a stripped-down track that gives the vocals ample chance to shine. The thoughtful instrumentation that is laced through this single swells into a wholly unique melange of pop, alternative rock, and modern country sounds. Emotion and passion are present in droves here, with the resulting effort building upon the style of acts like the Goo Goo Dolls and The Wallflowers. A magnificent production makes for a dynamic track that is cohesive, a song that will stick with listeners long after the final note ceases to play. Continue reading “My Silent Bravery “Girl You Think You Know””

The Dead Daisies “She Always Gets Her Way (All The Same)”

The Dead Daisies are back with a new single, “She Always Gets Her Way (All The Same)”. The track deftly blends 1980s hair metal with a current hard rock approach. Fans of Motley Crue and Ratt will find something they can appreciate, while the sizzling guitar work is top-notch. A slightly gritty set of vocals imbues the single with a weathered sound; this is an effort that will tattoo its melodies deep into listeners’ ears. The splashy drums, dirty guitars, and authentic vocals of The Dead Daisies ensure that this is another hit for them. Continue reading “The Dead Daisies “She Always Gets Her Way (All The Same)””

TLUXX “7th Angel” and “Round And Round”

TLUXX have just released a pair of singles. On “7th Angel”, TLUXX is able to blend together the horns of a Pet Shop Boys with the scintillating, hard-hitting house of an Avicii. Vocals aren’t needed here, as TLUXX are able to take listeners through a wide variety of sounds and styles. A banger from beginning to end, this is infectious while having enough influences present to keep fans focused in until the single’s last note.

“Round And Round” is that type of dance track that feels destined for radio rotation. Alina Renae’s vocals are paired with the booming bass and beats of TLUXX to make for a song that will get everyone up on the dance floor.

TLUXX “7th Angel” and “Round And Round” /


Last Gasp Collective “Small Town”

Last Gasp Collective’s “Small Town” is an eclectic track that blends together the R&B of the early 1990s, jazz, and chill electronic music into a laid-back effort. The different vocals heard during Small Town bolster one another; the ability of the male and female efforts here to both add to the harmony as well as the lyrical content is unmatched. Hints of Talib Kweli, Kendrick Lamar, and The Pharcyde can all be discerned here. The vibrant sound of Small Town will undoubtedly draw attention to Last Gasp Collective. We feel that they’ve got a tremendous future ahead of them. Continue reading “Last Gasp Collective “Small Town””

Ryan Brahms “Love Dealer”


Ryan Brahms “Love Dealer” is a bit of thick, luscious R&B pop music with a hint of EDM. Fans of Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and Ed Sheeran will find solace in the hooky sound crafted by Brahms during Love Dealer. The production allows the instrumentation and Ryan’s vocals to shine equally brightly. The bit of a slowed-down middle of this single calls back to performers like The Weeknd, Ne*yo and Chris Brown. Love Dealer is a cut that has legs through the rest of the winter; we’ll be dancing around to this for a while at NeuFutur headquarters. Continue reading “Ryan Brahms “Love Dealer””

5 Guidelines to Create Search Engine Optimized Content

Every day people are writing content for websites and blogs, but only a few get the desired attention from Google, as well as, users. Wiring just some random, unplanned content will never bring traffic to your website. Content must be composed in a way that will satisfy the requirements of the search engines and end users. Unless the content is SEO friendly, securing good rank for your website will remain a distant dream. Here are 5 guidelines by LasVegasWebDesignCo to make your content SEO friendly. Continue reading “5 Guidelines to Create Search Engine Optimized Content”

Gift Yourself an Excellent Mattress This Winter to Enjoy Comfort at Its Best!

In chilly winter nothing feels warmer and embracing than a cozy bedding. Moreover, it is a well-understood fact that sound sleep at night not only enhances your overall performance in your everyday activities but also sharpens your attention, reduces your blood pressure thereby maximizing your lifespan. Continue reading “Gift Yourself an Excellent Mattress This Winter to Enjoy Comfort at Its Best!”

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Best Cool Tech Gadgets for Gaming

We are living in a time which can be referred to as the “Tech Time” of gaming world because of the technologically sound gaming hardware the manufacturers are developing. Gaming is not only limited to graphics cards or PCs now but with the changing times, gaming consoles are entering the market. Continue reading “Best Cool Tech Gadgets for Gaming”