Brooklyn Queen “Feeling So Wavy”

Brooklyn Queen’s “Feeling So Wavy” will immediately hit listeners with intense wordplay and a fairly hands-off production that is able to rise up and thwap listeners at all of the right points. Over the course of the last, we’ve been impressed at how Brooklyn Queen’s lyrical approach has evolved. Greater complexity has been the story with each subsequent track, making Feeling So Wavy an effort that could easily slot into rotation on rap radio or on a slew of different Spotify playlists. Continue reading “Brooklyn Queen “Feeling So Wavy””

Angelique Kidjo “Once In A Lifetime”

Angelique Kidjo’s spirited cover of the Talking Heads classic “Once In A Lifetime” is fantastic. The robust instrumentation keeps things bouncy while Kidjo’s inimitable vocals add an entirely different air to the depressing stranglehold of suburban living that David Byrne was singing about in the original. The production keeps a close quarter for the vocal and instrumental sections; there’s a sense you’re jamming with Kidjo in the studio here. Hopeful, infectious, and with a visually stunning video, Kidjo’s Once In A Lifetime is an evolutionary step forward for one of the best tracks of the twentieth century. Continue reading “Angelique Kidjo “Once In A Lifetime””

Judith Hill “The Pepper Club”

Judith Hill’s latest effort “The Pepper Club” is a funky and fun track that calls back to the halcyon days of seventies funk. Strong, confident vocals are enough to draw listeners in while the instrumentation is on-point, adding sizzling horns, echoing synths, and a nice groove at all the right points.  The Pepper Club is rooted in an earlier tradition but Judith Hill is able to have a contemporary sound that will draw in fans of LunchMoneyLewis or Bruno Mars. The complexity of the arrangements on this single ensure that listeners will be able to play this cut multiple times and find something new. Continue reading “Judith Hill “The Pepper Club””

Andy Moor & Adina Butar “Wild Dream”

Andy Moor has just crafted a single in Wild Dream that features the atmospheric vocals of Adina Butar. The intense synths that punctuate “Wild Dream” are matched well with a dreamy, otherworldly set of vocals. The 2:30 mark of Wild Dream is where fans will get locked in, as a straight-forward section hurtles fans towards the conclusion of an all too short effort. Moor knows precisely what he wants Wild Dream to do and squeezes so much into such a small space. He’s talented enough that he is able to make bold decisions work in a confined space, giving other artists just enough room to make some tremendous remixes down the road. Continue reading “Andy Moor & Adina Butar “Wild Dream””

Radiator King “So Long (Charlie)”

Radiator King’s “So Long (Charlie)” is tremendously effecting. The song draws upon the folksy, singer-songwriter style of the latter half of the 20th century. With a sorrowful harmonica that effortlessly bridges both Dylan and late 1960s/early 1970s country and western, Radiator King’s gritty approach resounds loudly in an era of plastic people. So Long (Charlie) is a single that is honest, earnest, and will speak to the widest array of listeners. The guitar work that is present during the last minute of the track is not overly complex and will completely change listeners.  Continue reading “Radiator King “So Long (Charlie)””

Scarlet Sails “Hideaway”

Scarlet Sails’ “Hideaway” is a beautiful track. The vocals call back to a tradition that can be traced back from Natalie Cole to Stevie Nicks and even Carole King. Set up front and center, these vocals are able to shine against a backdrop of on-point drumming and a bass that is weaved masterfully through the single. The two minute mark of Hideaway is a must-listen as it showcases the technical ability of the guitars, which are able to move to a more echo-based sound when the vocals kick back in shortly after. The dynamics between the drums, vocals, bass, and guitars on Hideaway keep things fresh throughout. Continue reading “Scarlet Sails “Hideaway””

Punchline “Friend From The Future”

Punchline’s “Friend From The Future” is a skillful blend of alternative pop, emo-rock, and angular indie in the vein of At The Drive-In. A charismatic set of vocals stretch out over the track as a thick, ropy bass line and splashy drums unite to make a fulfilling backdrop. The guitar riffs are doing double duty here as they both add to the overall arrangement and give the vocals a secondary/backing element. Friend From The Future is perfectly polished, a cut that showcases that all parts of Punchline can work together as well as showcase a tremendous ability on their own. Video’s below. Continue reading “Punchline “Friend From The Future””

Wyclef Jean ft. Kofi Black and Moira Mack “Sak Kap Fet”

Wyclef Jean’s “Sak Kap Fet” features Kofi Black and Moira Mack and calls back to Jean’s “Perfect Gentleman” era. Intense and heavy emotional content is tattooed into the fabric of the single. Kofi Black’s blazing quick lyrical delivery is a solid match for Jean’s slower flow. Moira Mack, the newcomer on the single is able to spin the track in a third dimension. This trio makes for an effort that is reverent to the earlier Wyclef discography while coming forth with a bleeding-edge approach to rap and R&B styles. Check the video for Sak Kap Fet below and let us know what you think. Continue reading “Wyclef Jean ft. Kofi Black and Moira Mack “Sak Kap Fet””


HEIZMAN’s “Mai Tai” is a dreamy, trippy rap track that links together T-Pain, Lil Wayne and I-20 into a street-meets-club flow. A bit of trap production sets the stage for HEIZMAN’s flow. Rather than only adding to the story told on Mai Tai, the flow also provides further depth to the backing beat. This is a cohesive effort that stands out from the rest of the tracks entering rotation today. By mooring the sound to mid-oughts performers, HEIZMAN is able to cultivate a truly unique sound. Mai Tai is a track that has legs through the entirety of the summer.  Continue reading “HEIZMAN “Mai Tai””

Faith Evans Ruch “I’m Yours”

Faith Evans Ruch’s “I’m Yours” is an effort that builds off of the tradition of pop singers from the 1960s and country and western performers of the 1970s. The ability of Ruch to bring such warmth to modern music is fantastic. Current fans will be able to appreciate how Ruch is able to bring in hints of performers like Meghan Trainor and Pink. The instrumentation is top-notch as well; a sizzling horn line unites the two halves of I’m Yours. Faith Evans Ruch is truly a treasure. I’m Yours will be on repeat through the summer here at NeuFutur. Continue reading “Faith Evans Ruch “I’m Yours””