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In Going to Amsterdam, GaREE ALL is able to create a travelogue about the titular city. There’s a whole collection of distinct places to see and actions to do (and to avoid). There’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor that is present through the more matter of fact narration. The light trapping of instrumentation that plays at the bottom of the song adds further depth to the track. Overall, Going to Amsterdam works with other songs in GaREE ALL’s disco (e.g. Old Hippies) while granting listeners access to an entirely different side of the artist.

GaREE ALL “Going to Amsterdam” / 2022 Self Released / 2:47 / Domain / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn /

We were fortunate enough to review Mother Tough last year and Cheeky / Old Hippies recently as well as conducting an interview with the performer. Let us know what you think about GaREE ALL’s music by leaving a comment below.

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