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12 ounce can, originally reviewed 2/2024.

Juicy Oasis is an fruited, hazy India Pale Ale offered up by Breckenridge Brewery. The beer pours with a yellow-brown coloration and a small amount of whitish head. Lacing gradually creeps down the glass as one continues their journey.

The initial nose of the brew is a blend of peaches and apricots, coming forth with more sweet notes than previewing the hoppiness that is to follow. When one delves into Juicy Oasis, they will be immediately presented with a crispness and light mouth-feel that both plays to the more fruity side of things while utilizing a wheat/grain flavor profile as its base. The 9.6% ABV of Breckenridge’s new offering is hidden masterfully among the array of distinct flavors. As Juicy Oasis gradually warms to room tempurature, a bit more alcohol burn peeks its way through. This eclecticism ensures that no two sips of this juicy IPA are the same, increasing the chance that one will crack another can after they’ve completed their first. Pairing-wise, I could see Breckenridge’s foray into the juicy IPA world work nicely with a Pad Thai or beef roast (insert your own favorite umami-heavy dishes here). Of course, this is a smart grab for anyone that is currently still suffering through the tail end of the winter months; the warming aspect of Juicy Oasis is like no other.

Check out our previous coverage of other Breckenridge efforts, including coverage of their 471 IPA – Dry Hopped Hüll Melon,  Breck IPA  , Ophelia,  Christmas Ale  , and Buddha’s Hand  . For more information about the brewery’s year-round and seasonal offerings, visit their domain. Further info about new product releases and events are present on Breckenridge’s social media accounts. Juicy Oasis is currently available in the areas where Breckenridge distributes.

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