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Pro|Click Mobile / 2008 Razer / /

This is the first time that we’ve actually received computer peripherals for review in NeuFutur. Sure, we’ve received CDs, DVDs, video games, and the like in the past, but Razer (through Rogers and Cowan) was gracious enough to provide us with a review copy of the mouse. A first glance at the mouse shows that Razer actually cares about the left-handed user base when it comes to mouse design; the mouse has an ambidextrous design, instead of being skewed to the side like so many other mice. The colors themselves are a nice change from the ordinary, as well; where there are a lot of white, grey, and black mice cluttering up the shelves.

While having white and black versions of the Pro|Click Mobile (to appease individuals that may be a little wary of change), there are sharp pink and red versions of the mouse that will snazzy up any work space. The design and color elements are not the only reasons why the Pro|Click Mobile is a must-buy mouse, either.  Individuals do not need a USB port to even run this mouse, due to the fact that the mouse itself is Bluetooth enabled. Just make sure that your rig offers support for Bluetooth and you will be set. Unlike cheaper mice, the Pro|Click Mobile has a battery life that will ensure that batteries will be an item that are rarely bought. Where I’ve had a set of batteries dip below the half-way mark at two weeks, there was still a good seventy-five or eighty percent of juice left on the Pro|Click Mobile. The more sensible use of batteries, coupled with the ambidextrous design, color choice, and Bluebooth capability make the $59.99 price tag seem much lower.  

The only drag that I can see on this mouse’s positivities would have to be the small size of the mouse itself. I understand that it is a “mobile” model, but perhaps the next addition to the Pro|Click Mobile line would be a slightly larger version of this mouse. Still, the accuracy of the mouse is stunning, the ability to re-calibrate the Bluetooth connection is solid, and there is little in the way of faults to be had with the mouse. Razer has made a mouse that, if individuals were so inclined, could even be conceivably used for split-second twitches and turns in gaming.

Rating: 9.1/10

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