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Putois is the nom de plume Bob Mason has recorded under for the last decade. His unique blend of lo-fi, gloomy atmospherics and dark-folk leanings have garnered him attention among a small but loyal following. From his humble beginnings recording ambient / noise 4-track recordings onto cassettes, to his deeper experimentation and forays into the world of CD-R releases-Putois has always managed to sound unconventional by way of convention. His official debut, The Thinking Fireplace [Inner Flight Records], received a limited release but managed to make an impression at college radio. His latest record, The Problem Is Not A Problem Anymore, is wisely receiving a wider release this go-around.

The Problem Is Not A Problem Anymore centers on Putois’ minimalistic approach to acoustic based music; though his incorporation of headier experiments and more varied production elements, helps separate The Problem Is Not A Problem Anymore from the standard acoustic fare. Its Mason’s gothic induced, acidic vocals coupled with a darkened literary flair, that give rise to the unique nature of this music. Ending with a tortured piano instrumental called “The Lonely Traveler”, The Problem Is Not A Problem Anymore disappears into the thinning aether-a rustic harmonica line the only accompaniment to a solemn piano dirge that never quite resolves, never quite completes its story.

track listing:

01. Safe Again

02. Small Town

03. No More Dancing

04. Another Shade of Blue

05. The Problem Is Not a Problem Anymore

06. Our Stand

07. Something Wrong With Steven

08. Today’s Sun

09. Heart

10. CTA

11. Timekeepers

12. The Lonely Traveler

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