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94 East was originally founded in 1975. The group was started by Pepé Willie and included musicians from the Twin Cities: Pepé Willie, Marcy Ingvoldstad, Kristie Lazenberry, Wendell Thomas, Andre Lewis, Pierre Lewis, and Dale Alexander. (Dale Alexander was later replaced by Bobby Z Rifkin who went on to play with The Revolution.) Today, remaining band members are Pepé, Marcy and Kristie. When 94 East first went into the studio back in 1975, they hired a then-unknown musician, Prince Nelson, who recorded tracks on over a dozen songs by 94 East.

Many of 94 Easts songs with Prince tracks have been previously released first on Minneapolis Genius in 1985, and then on Symbolic Beginning in 1995. The 94 East CD, 94 East featuring 10:15 & Fortune Teller Remix with Prince on Guitar, contains 2 songs that have never been released from 94 East catalogue with Prince tracks. All the other songs are brand new tracks.

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