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Likely the bastard child of The Replacements and Cheap Trick, New Jersey’s Dipsomaniacs play boozy bar rock and power pop stripped of any pretention. On Social Crutch, their sixth full length, there are few surprises, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. Sure the sound is a little closer to power pop than the garage rock most associate with the band, but the group’s central themes of booze, partying and regret are still front and center – like Jimmy Buffett, but with better musicianship and lot better lyrics.

The album opener, “Together We Can Rule the World” sounds like something The Posies should have written in the mid 90’s and “Blame it on the Gin” even sneaks in a little 60’s British Invasion influences. For a band that’s been at it for nearly 15 years, Dipsomaniacs still sound remarkably fresh.

Top Tracks: “Together We Can Rule the World,” “Blame it on the Gin” and “Not Waiting Around”

Ratings: 8 out of 10

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