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The cry of love from our Creator is evidenced all around us from starfish to stars, snow peaks to mountain streams, songs of joy from tiny winged creatures. Do we hear the cry? Do we see the art and power of God’s design?

Overwhelmed and pressed and into our daily lives, we often miss the glory, the treasure, right beside us. A hot cup of coffee, the legs that move, dance, leap,run, the voice that speaks, sings, laughs, and cries. The touch of God’s fingerprint on those forgotten, marginalized: their light unnotced and dimmed.

But the cry of love from our Creator is constant and consistant, with arms open in invitation: arms inviting us to first discover the glorious treasure hidden within ourselves and then to see it in those around us-from the least to the greatest. It is this invitation that leads us to the path of Destiny. Our destiny. The destiny envisioned and hoped for before we were ever born.

So, I too invite you to stop, breathe, notice, and listen. I invite you to this treasure hunting journey with me in my new songs. I invite you to laugh, cry, ponder, wonder, and enjoy

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