Posted on: July 10, 2009 Posted by: anfnewsacct Comments: 0 “Put us in a room with a bunch of instruments and 90% of our songs will sound like bootleg versions of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” put Pemberton in that exact same room he’ll make a great pop album with infinitely catchy melodies and a sense of restraint that usually comes from bands just hitting their stride with their third albums.”

My Old Kentucky Blog:

Insound: “it’s just loud and crashes all around you and i really like that.”

Cool Hunting: “Songs vacillate between hushed verses and explosive crescendos, often dissolving into a cloud of analog dissonance. But underneath all of the distortion and clatter are elegant melodies.”

Summer is no myth. It exists year round on Holiday Shores Ct, a two-block stretch on the Florida panhandle where twenty-one year old Nathan Pemberton grew up. It’s no more than five minutes from white sand beaches, squawks of seagulls, and wafting smells of suntan lotion.

Columbus’d The Whim is the first first full-length album from Pemberton’s Holiday Shores, who, like the street that bears their name, are quintessentially summer: chimey guitars, reverb-soaked vocals, warbling Rhodes, echoes of years past.

Pemberton started playing the piano at age seven and learned the guitar shortly after. He began finding his musical footing in high school bands, playing with his brother, friends, and eventually his college roommates.

The album, packed with 10 could-be singles, reads like a book of Pemberton’s well-written memories. Each word chosen meaningfully with a linguist’s touch; each sentence constructed carefully with an artist’s ear. Columbus’d The Whim is a literary work in addition to a sonic one.

The current line up, comprised of friends and roommates spent months recording together in Pemberton’s living room obsessing over vintage gear and perfecting their captivating hooks, heart-warming melodies, and creating a haunting tunnel of sound as a stunning backdrop.

Columbus’d The Whim is Holiday Shores’ first release on twosyllable records.

Tour Dates

July 11th – Castlemania – Tallahassee, FL
July 18th – Yauhaus – Charlotte, NC
July 21st – Sluggo’s w/ Castanets – Pensacola, FL
July 31st – The Mansion **CD RELEASE SHOW** w/Boat Party, Salt Altars – Tallahassee, FL
August 21st – Club Downunder – Tallahassee, FL


Phones Don’t Fued
Errand Of Tongue
Bradley Bear
I’ll Spend Money I Don’t Have
Edge Of Our Lives
Days Drag
Tremor Rolls The Peak

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