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Boston-based ICHABOD is one of those “secret bands” that has been engulfing fans both live and on record for three previous full-lengths over the past decade; expanding musically on each release, and tapping into new territory – both on the road and on tape. The hard working, hard rocking, and more importantly hard to ignore quartet in the underground rock/stoner/cerebral musical scene – who are already heroes in widespread stoner rock, doom, rock, communities internationally, and definitely with any lost soul who has experienced an ICHABOD performance in the live setting.

Based on the predicted apocalypse in the year 2012, ICHABOD have visualized and captured their most potent material to date in their upcoming fourth full-length 2012, set for release November 24th via Rootsucker Records. Unlike the projected approach of the apocalypse as portrayed in the new Cusack flick, this 2012 is cerebrally-oriented; maybe the comparable “zen” or “cerebral soundtrack”of what the everyday human might feel as the world collapses slowly around him presently, while building up to the proposed apocalypse in 2012, as predicted by the Mayan calendar.

Within the confines of one 5-inch slab of plastic, ICHABOD’s new CD 2012 is a testament to the limitless boundaries of music; segueing spiritual oms and trancelike realms of spacious exploration, with hyper-occult spazz-outs, with straight-up doom-ridden rock and roll, absolutely seamlessly. Fans of Alice In Chains, High On Fire, Acid Bath, Om – and even fucking Zappa – can unite to celebrate the ending of humankind under an umbrella of virtual happiness, if ICHABOD is playing in the background.

“…Ichabod’s latest is a work of dark psych and unloaded madness that simmers with unbridled intensity… It is a sound balance of intriguing progression and metallic heaviness sure to surprise many an unsuspecting head across the land.” –

“…Ichabod shows they’re not to be taken for granted with 2012, a solid ‘A’ of an album.” –

“…it is a hands-down, no-brainer that 2012 is the band’s most accomplished, realized collection of material thus far… support one of the hardest working, blue collar outfits our time has seen.” –

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