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Coming this summer, HELLS HEADBANGERS will unleash the first DENOUNCEMENT PYRE full-length album, “World Cremation.” Featuring eight tracks of primitive black/death metal, the album charges forth with a darker & more focused approach than ever before. “This is a definite statement in the heretic evolution,” says founding vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Decaylust. The album will be released on CD & gatefold LP, plus a limited-edition digipack CD version and a coloured vinyl version w/ patch + poster.

The track listing for “World Cremation” is as follows:
1) Black Womb of Magdalene
2) The Flesh of thy Master
3) Purification
4) Coven of Diabolical Prophecies
5) Engulfed Temples
6) Salvation, the fading light
7) A Banner Drenched in Blood
8) Invination of Poison

Additionally, there’s a “World Cremation” preview on Youtube featuring a medley of the album’s songs as well as exclusive provocative visuals:

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