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Thin tendrils of music start off “Country Falls”, with dreamy vocals doing much more for the construction of a musical identity than the furthering of certain lyrical ideas. “Summertime Cowboy” shows Husky Rescue re-cast their sound, sounding much like a sixties girl-group than the dreamy-pop that opened up the disc. Therein lies the most interesting fact about the band; they can completely change their style up in the space of three or four minutes and go with the new direction as confidently and strongly as before. Why this album is called “Country Falls” though is through a heavy use of the slide guitar, and the alt-country leanings of Husky Rescue come to fruition during tracks like “New Light of Tomorrow”. This track impressively mixes a very current electronic synthesizer line with the more traditional, Uncle Tupelo meets Tori Amos type of sound. The synth and slide guitar are not the only instruments to get the mad love; the bass heavy “Rainbow Flows” is a return to the well of sixties-influenced music for Husky Rescue; as with the case of “Summertime Cowboy” (and all the rest of the tracks on “Country Falls”), the track is a hit. Even if a large section of “The Good Man” is simply talking, Husky Rescue makes the track into a swirling storm that engulfs all listeners completely, a microcosm of what the album does to the band’s fanbase.

Top Tracks: The Good Man, Summertime Cowboy

Rating: 6.3/10

Husky Rescue – Country Falls / 2005 Minty Fresh Records / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 12 June 2005

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