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The emotive guitar work that begins The Landing draws listeners in; there is a narration that is present throughout the entirety of the opening effort, Dogs in Paradise. There need not be any vocals in this track just as long as Hill’s playing is present. The sheer amount of different styles and sounds that can issue forth from Hill’s guitar is amazing; one will be shocked to learn that the work on The Landing is all strings. The arrangements on The Landing are incredibly dense and detailed, providing listeners with a disc that has considerable legs. Variation that is achieved during the album’s 9 tracks is even more astounding given the unitary instrument.

Polaris Pass is one of the later tracks on The Landing, and is of note because of the unique tack that Hill takes on it. There is a blending of bluegrass and Eastern music that strives for dominance during the early registers of the track; what results here is a hectic, intense (but ultimately controlled) mass that will reinvigorate listeners. Simple Song is the penultimate cut and brings Hill’s vocals into the fore. I feel that this track remains as strong as the other cuts here, but that this may be the way that the average music fan can learn about Hill.

Make it a point to see Hill live whenever you can; I feel that he is truly a master of his instrument. With countless styles and genres touched upon during these 9 tracks, practically any fan of guitar-based music will find ample material to appreciate. The Landing is a must-have album, if not only for the quality of the tracks but for the sheer talent exhibited here.

Top Tracks: Polaris Pass, Dogs In Paradise

Rating: 8.9/10

Charlie Hill – The Landing (CD) / 2012 Self / 9 Tracks /

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