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Tomko / Marsh is an act that work together at all points during their CD, ensuring that each distinct part of the title pushes all others to a higher plateau. The titular track provides listeners with a solid education about the band’s influences, overall styles, and with a roadmap for how the title will ultimately lay out. Listeners that are fans of a wide array of styles will find something to appreciate here; Secret Love is a track that could easily be heard on rock, classic, or funk radio stations. The versatility of Secret Love and follow-up efforts (Stand Back is a particularly strong track) will keep fans listening in from beginning to end. Man With A Question is the final cut of the first half of the album, and it is a track that keeps the momentum high. No matter what tempo, overall constellation of arrangements used, or styles broached, Tomko and Marsh hit it out of the park.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Slow Dancer today on iTunes or directly from the band. Slow Dancer is one of the few titles that we have reviewed this year that stays strong from the beginning to the end. I would absolutely love to see the two in a live session; I believe a concert with these two would make the 11 tracks on Slow Dancer that much personal and effecting. Here’s to hoping that this act has many years of success; we’ll be keeping our ear firm to the ground for any news or other information about Tomko / Marsh.

Top Tracks: Man With A Question, I Could Be Wrong

Rating: 8.4/10

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