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“She Comes To Me (So Easily)” is the first single off of Ray Tarantino’s self-titled 2012 disc. The track is incredibly smooth and polished, but the resulting effort is not distant. Tarantino’s lyrics will transform listeners, while the track’s instrumentation will have them absolutely amazed.  Futureblind is a track that puts the musical side of things to the fore. While the human / vocal component does not slack, I feel that the intricate layout of the effort will require multiple listens to fully get. When one places it alongside the vocals, the track’s overall context changes.

I believe that the album can be viewed in much of the same fashion. While songs like Belief Creek and Flicker of a Light are perfectly ready for heavy radio rotation, I feel that they are part of a greater whole when a listener can strap on a pair of headphones and listen to the full album. Tarantino’s approach on this album thus can effect a wider swath of listeners than other similar albums; he can be everything to everyone and have the musical chops to back it up.  A Whisper in the Sea is the final track on the disc and allows everything to be wrapped up with perfect grace and poise.

Ray Tarantino is one of the most talented musicians that we have reviewed this year. I believe that no matter which tack that he takes in 2012 and beyond, that his skill as a musician will make it fruitful. I would strongly suggest that you check out Tarantino whenever he plays a concert around you; I believe that being able to hear him live would soften even the hardest heart.

Top Tracks:  Belief Creek (Could You Be Mine?), She Comes To Me (So Easily)

Rating: 8.7/10

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