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Sven Sundberg begins his 4 Seasons of Bliss with In Your Love. This track is a perfect introduction for those that have not had the chance to introduce themselves to Sundberg’s music. The piano is able to come forth with emotive authority, and provides listeners with a narrative that is richer than many efforts out there. With this introduction, Sundberg is able to collect fans from far and wide. Spring Has Sprung has a very rich feel to it as Sundberg gives his listeners a spot-on approximation of the aforementioned season.

It’s Time has a more electronic, retrospective feel to it. Hints of eighties music can be heard even as the track confidently hits listeners’ ears. The palette available to Sundberg allows for each of these sixteen tracks to provide an additional facet to the artist. This greatest hits breaks free of the ruts that this form of collection fall into there is a strong and compelling effort ready for listeners at whatever point on the CD that they are listening. You in Blue is a smart addition to 4 Seasons of Bliss as Sundberg slows things down.

I believe that this track is a success as it showcases the interplay between the arrangements in a more clear fashion that had been present on the disc. With nary a weak track to be found, I feel that this album is a must buy. It provides listeners ample opportunity to familiarize themselves with Sundberg’s music, as well as works perfectly for meditation, house cleaning, or even driving around. Check out our review with Sundberg and see exactly what he is up to by visiting his website.

Top Tracks: Spring Has Sprung, Deep Down Inside

Rating: 8.0/10

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