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George H.W. Bush is a rare example of a modern United States President that only served one term (Carter represents the other case in the last 50 years). That alone would provide more than enough fuel for viewers to be fascinated throughout this documentary’s runtime, but there is free and unfettered access to the former president himself. The types of topics that are broached during 41 seem to know no bounds. Whether George H.W. Bush discusses the time spent in military service during World War II or his role in the Persian Gulf offensive or the high role he assigned to environmental knowledge, there is a solid sense that the man knows intimately what he believes. The discussions provide enough depth for political scientists and for history buffs alike, but the affable attitude of 41 will remind viewers alive during his presidency why he was so damn convincing.

HBO has done a tremendous thing in releasing 41; there seems to be a decided lack in coverage of the republican leaders of the nineties. While there are some still in Washington (Gingrich), I feel that the store of the Republican party during the late eighties and early nineties is one that has not been told. Watch 41 are get educated about the formative years of the internet, the downfall of the former Soviet Union, and what it was like to be President during this interesting time. Online retailers and a great many brick and mortar stores will have 41 in stock.

Rating: 8.5/10

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