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The sheer sorrow of the tale told during Booster is something that will resound loudly too anyone that has had friend or family in dire straits. Simon is a Bostonite that has to steal just to make ends meet, while Simon’s brother Sean gets rapidly tangled up in a criminal action that could lead to death or life in prison. Seymour Cassel (Oscar nominee for 1969’s Faces) fills out the cast as Harold, allowing viewers to understand the motivation behind Simon’s actions.  Simon’s tragic role as a redistributing criminal showcases that there can be a sense of honor behind even the most heinous of actions. Characters in Booster are not black and white creations; there seems to be a calculus behind the desires and drives of Simon, Sean, Harold, and even Simon’s girlfriend Megan (Kristin Dougherty, in eir inaugural film). The crux of the film surrounds Simon’s decision regarding Sean’s crime; is ey a good enough person to take the rap for the brother’s failings? If not, will ey be able to leave Boston and start a new life with Megan, or will eir life take eir in a completely different direction?


The transfer to DVD is absolutely stellar, with the more muted tones of Matt Ruskin’s direction showcasing the sheer hopelessness of Simon’s situation. The video transfer sounds great no matter whether one watches the title on their home entertainment system or on their computer. Pick up Booster and other Echo Bridge titles from your favorite online retailer, and check out their website for more information about their slate of films ending 2012 and entering 2013.

Rating: 8.2 / 10

Booster (DVD) / 2012 Echo Bridge Home Entertainment / 72 Minutes /

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