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Don’t Go Messing With My Heart is the introductory track on Castles in the Sand, with an instrumentation that shines while highlighting Stockert’s imitable vocals. Stockert and the Como Brothers are able to make a very contemporary track built off the doo-wop and country traditions; a wide swath of listeners will be able to find something to appreciate. What They Say is a track that is destined for radio rotation. Stockert’s vocals soar above the track with a melody that will imprint itself deep into the psyche of listeners. Hints of Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson can be heard here, but there is an earnestness to Stockert’s persona that will lure listeners in.


Your Love closes the Castles in the Sand EP, and increases the tempo of the disc considerably. The backing instrumentation takes on a Maroon 5 feel as Stockert shifts from confident to introspective. These different vocal approaches provides greater nuance to this track; listeners will easily be able to identify spots in their own life where they were unsure about the love that they heard. Taken together, the three tracks on Castles in the Sand paint nicely a picture of Kayla Stockert, while providing listeners with tracks that will go down easily and impress musically.

Make sure to purchase a copy of Castles in the Sand from Stockert’s website or CDBaby. Stockert’s maturity on this EP makes me confident that she will be able to shine on a full-length album; keep an ear firm to the ground about Stockert and the Como Brothers; big things await.

Top Tracks: Don’t Go Messing With My Heart, What They Say

Rating: 8.5/10

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