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On the Scene is the introductory track on this album, and it provides listeners with a very taut and alluring set of arrangements. The music ties together smooth jazz with a hint of funk to establish a timeless quality to Hagen’s music. Midnight Drive contains a tremendous amount of rhythm, crafting an interesting dynamic between the organic and electronic instrumentation. The narrative that is created during this self-titled release far outstrips vocal bands, as the interplay between the different instruments creates a voluminous text that has to be heard to be believed.

Friday at Five looks back to the rock of the late seventies and eighties for inspiration, linking together the works of Ted Nugent and Loggins and Messina with a bright and effervescent jazz feel. The placement of Friday at Five in the middle of the album is smart, as it will provide listeners with the momentum that they need to follow through to an effort like See You Next Spring. The titular season is alluded to during this composition, which provides the beginnings to the inevitable close of the album. Jim Hagan’s self-titled album ends with Sincerely, a touching type of effort that will resound with listeners long after the album closes up.

For those individuals that wish to purchase a copy of this album, visit Hagen’s website or CDBaby ( ) for more information. While on Hagen’s site, take a look for live dates and further information about what influenced Hagen’s musical development, live-action (and studio) pictures, and ways through which one can contact him.

Top Tracks: See You Next Spring, Friday at Five, Walk With you

Rating: 8.4/10

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