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Lovers 1 has Alpine washing gently over listeners, their music linking together bands as The Polyphonic Spree and The Flaming Lips. The patently different Lovers 2 links Disintegration-era Cure guitars with a haunting, Bjork-esque set of vocals. Hands is an early stand-out, with the instrumental and vocal sides of Alpine uniting to create something equally at home on pop rotation and indie blogs.

A Is for Alpine is an album that works perfectly as a collection of singles or as an unified effort. The band is able to insert a wide variety of influences and styles, which have the effect of luring in a wide collection of fans. Seeing Red is a perfect example of this, as Alpine caters to new wave, indie rock, alternative, and even electronic before the end of the song. All For One is the disc’s stand-out track. The twinkling guitar that operates behind the trancy, haunting vocals establishes an environment that is completely immersive. While the song ends at the three and a half minute mark, I feel that this epic composition will stick with listeners long after A Is for Alpine ceases.

A Is for Alpine ends with Multiplication, an effort which has a sedate sound that elicits both the new age era of the eighties and the alt-rock (Paula Cole) of the nineties. A Is for Alpine can be purchased at any well-stocked music store or online retailer; visit their website for more tour and band information. Here’s to hoping that Alpine has a long and storied career; their fresh take on music provides the perfect summer soundtrack.

Top Tracks: Lovers 1, In The Red

Rating: 7.8/10

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