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For over a decade DJ Fred Malone has been playing all type of events, parties, weddings, & clubs, everything you could think of. He started at a very young age and despite adversity & uncertainty in his family life, DJ Fred Malone stayed determined to master his craft. Now, In addition to DeeJaying, he works with underground rappers through his production company to help them get the attention they deserve.

So how did it all begin? What made you want to become a DJ?

I started at a young age, about 12yrs old. I grew up in a tough area with gangs, drive-bys, increasing crime rates and violence. Instead of hanging with the boys after school you could catch me in the basement mixing on my old-school DJ turntable. I had a mentor & teacher named DJ Stormy. I would see how other DJ’s were so into it whenever they were on the turntables, beat mixing, or being a hype man. Also, Seeing people having a good time with the music and the DJ being the main influence of it, made me want to DJ.

In May 2002, at 15 years old I stepped into the booth for the 1st time and ROCKED the show. I loved that feeling of make people have a good time. After the gig people came up to me & asked who I was and said “you rock” “you did your thing boy” and I thought to myself hmm, I might have something going on here.

What’s the best event you’ve played at?

Fuel Cyber Café, it was a very large club & could fit well over 400. It was 2007 and I was 19 at the time. It was a 21 and up club so I was most likely the youngest one there. To this day I remember that because the club was set up to where I could look over every one. And as I played my set I was really going ham on the CDJs, people loved it. After awhile everyone just started chanting my name. It was a great feeling. It seemed like I could make the crowd do whatever. It was like I had them in the palm of my hand. We all had a good time. It stands out to me the most because that felt like the MOMENT that I arrived on the scene in a lot of people’s minds. My name was made that night. I’ve played several clubs in Houston Texas, Night Moves, Club Intense, Magics, & Club Fantasy. I’ve also played in Chicago, and other area’s.. I’ve also played at over 30 weddings and numerous basement parties and halls.

What genres of music do you spin and on what equipment?

I play all kinds of music. From rap, trance, top 40, rock, pop, country, oldies, whatever you ask for I will play. I was always taught the more you play the more venues you can open for.

I use a Numark NS7. I was taught on Vinyl but never really got into it. I always was a CDJ type of dude. My 1st mixer was a Gemini CD dual layer from Radio Shack. I have over 10,000 CD’s and Mp3’s in my repertoire.

How is the DJ scene in your eyes at the moment?

It’s greedy for DJS. It’s like they don’t want to just help the artist anymore. It’s kind of like a rapper gives a tape to a DJ, and then the DJ is firing back saying here, listen to my mix tape as well. I understand everyone needs to get noticed but the thing is as the DJ your job is to let the streets know WHAT’S hot and what’s new.

Are there any DJ’s out there that you respect & would aspire to be compared to?

DJ Scratch, DJ Kid Capri, Jam Master Flex, & DJ Screw to name a few.

Tell us about your Production Business & some of the artists you’ve worked with.

DJ Malone productions, was a DJ service that grew into a full production company. We produce songs, albums, & make beats. We host mix tapes and promote artists. I have a team of guys and we’ve worked with some notables such as F.O.E from Houston TX, & Kroosh from New York. People say “I get a good vibe” coming to DJ Malone Productions. The company serves the cities of Chicago, Kansas City, Houston, and surrounding areas.

How can people check out your skills and connect with you?

My mixtapes are on Coast 2 Coast and can be heard spinning on Urban Indie Radio-L.A. You can catch my Blog talk show “Malone’s Hype Line” Mondays Wednesdays Fridays at 930pm Central . I can also be reached through social networking on twitter@djmalonepro, &, facebook/djmalonepro or my website

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