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Tied To The Machine is a funky bit of electronic-infused rock, ensuring to please fans of acts as disparate as Nine Inch Nails and Siouxsie and the Banshees. There is a certain tribal element that further fleshes out this effort; Babble creates a track that crosses easily across thirty years of gothic-tinged music. Yeah Sure No Problem allows the tribal element to become dominant, allowing for a world music flair to dominate. The narration presented by the lead singer is reminiscent of The Doors, Alice Cooper and Joe’s Garage-era Zappa. Yeah Sure No Problem is a special track, as Babble is able to utilize two vocals to great effect.BABBLE-723_6e1daa6a580772c1d5057602cd4230b9

Psychiatry is a track that has a desert rock meets hippie feel; the introductory sound of the band is further varied with the scintillating and shifting instrumentation that flitters at the track’s higher registers. Down in the Dark Woods will show listeners that Babble is an eclectic band, free to change their sound on a dime. Where many albums tend to focus on a specific range of styles and approaches, Babble are able to keep things fresh and fun. What the band does on their Bread and Circuses album is create an immersive environment that will stand up to repeated listens. Down in the Dark Woods is great as it unites the constituent elements of Bread and Circuses into one fulfilling and catchy effort.

Bread and Circuses is an innovative album, touching upon a wide variety of styles and influences. Make sure to check out Babble’s website for more information about the collaborative project Bread and Circuses show and other Babble gigs.

Top Tracks: Tied To The Machine, Yeah Sure No Problem

Rating: 8.7/10

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