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The guys in Lonely H started out as a garage band in Washington State, but over the years and albums, they have gravitated towards more of an alternative country sound. They can still rock, but there’s a bit more of a worn in, dust-crusted on the boots swagger with their songs now. And decamping to Nashville before working on this record has made the evolution that much more stark.



The result is their impressive, eponymous, fourth full length. The vocals are sharpers, the band tighter and the songs, well, they’re just better.  Lonely H showed promise on their earlier albums, especially with 2009’s Concrete Class, but their latest finds the band invigorated and clearly stretching to be more than just a best-kept secret or yet another cult band. And with any justice, this record will find that much larger audience that this band deserves.

The Lonely H Self-Titled CD Review / 10 tracks / Self-Released / 2013

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