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While the Blu-Ray format is a relatively new one, I am personally surprised that 1986’s Platoon had not received a release up to this point. However, Fox (through the MGM imprint) has given fans a tremendous gift for the film’s twenty-fifth anniversary. First off, the 1080p transfer of Platoon from the original print will make the lush jungle backdrop pop that much more, and imbue viewers with a sense that this troop is truly left on their own.

Minute details lost in previous editions of Platoon are restored; one can see badges, gun details, and other smaller things without any problem. The sound track is similarly strong and will ensure that viewers have as close of an experience with Platoon as those that were lucky enough to watch the original theatrical release. After individuals are done marveling at the great work that has been done in restoring the film, the Blu-Ray contains a number of additional features to sink their teeth into. Two distinct audio commentaries – director Oliver Stone and military advisor Dale Dye – gives viewers two distinct contexts in which to enjoy the film.

The twelve minutes of deleted scenes blend well with “Flashback to Platoon”, a forty-five minute link from the film to the actual happenings taking place in the Vietnam war years. The strongest featurettes on this Blu-Ray edition have to be those that tie Platoon into the real context; “One War, Many Stories” puts additional feeling and meaning into Sheen and company’s words and actions, spoken by those that were actually in the front lines. It may have taken a year or so after the Blu-Ray format took off, but I feel that the 25th anniversary edition of Platoon is definitive and will serve fans of the movie well for years to come.

Rating: 9.5/10

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