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Philly psychedelic Indie pop rockers the Photon Band have been at it since the early 90’s and they remain just has hard to categorize as they’ve ever been. Sounding like MC5 on one track and The Smithereen’s on the next, the band seamlessly skips from one genre to the next.

Pure Photonic Matter [Volume 1], their latest, starts off with a swirl of electronic noise and what sounds like a creepy child’s voice counting before seguing into a “Kick Out the Jams” worthy drum beat, topped with Beatles-esque vocals on “What You See” … and therein lies the charm of this band, featuring members of Lilys and War on Drugs. There’s something for everyone and you get the feeling they could not care less if others are along for the ride or not – they’re simply playing music that they enjoy, be it a radio friendly sing-along or a Sid Barrett-inspired muddy psychedelic gumbo.

Photon band – Pure Photonic Matter [Volume 1]/Vinyl LP/13 tracks/Nod and Smile Records and MVD Audio


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