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This British romantic comedy may have come from the producers behind Love Actually, but don’t expect the same earnest, saccharine sweet love story with this one. What I Give It A Year does promise is many more laughs, raunchy at times, but funny none the less.


Written and directed by Dan Mazer (the same writer behind the so wrong, but so funny Borat), I Give It A Year toggles between the past – when newlyweds Nat (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Rafe Spall) met and marry – and the present, when the couple are getting on each other’s nerves and seeing a marriage counselor. This unconventional love story has you rooting for a divorce as the unhappy couple start flirting with others (for Nat it’s her rich American client played by Simon Baker and for Josh it’s his longtime do-gooder ex, played by Anna Faris).

While Baker and Faris are clearly the bigger stars, at least in this country, both Byrne and Spall do a fantastic job of stealing the movie. While not for everyone, I Give It A Year is a romantic comedy that actually manages to be funny. A novel concept.

I Give It a Year/97 mins./Magnolia Home Entertainment /2013


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