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Fashion-wise, the early ‘90s was a sad, sad time for metal bands. Fighting, and ultimately losing, the good fight against flannel-waving grunge bands from the Pacific Northwest, they were still opting for the painted on jeans or ridiculous spandex and sleeveless t’s. But music-wise, once you strip away the hair metal band that were standing in the spotlight, there were still some old guards of the metal scene that were putting out impressive records up through and throughout the ‘90s. Among them were the Swiss band Krokus.

Sireena Records has just re-released the impressive Stampede, Krokus’ 1990 album, putting the songs on 180 gram vinyl and spearing them out across two LPs.  Released about 15 years after the band formed and with an almost completely new line up, Stampede, the band’s 11th record at that point, is still better than many longtime fans were willing to admit. Though the vocals of new replacement Peter tanner take some getting used to, the songs on this one are better than the band had recorded in years. Songs like “Rock and Roll Gypsy” and the title track still stand up remarkably well. While you can argue just how authentic a Krokus release this one was considering the new line-up, it is hard to argue against the songs.

Krokus – Stampede [VINYL Re-release]/2 LPs/12 tracks/Sireena Records/2013

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