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Though it has yet to receive the massive amount of critical and fan love as his previous HBO series The Wire, David Simon’s Treme remains one of the best kept secrets currently on air. 




Season three continues to build on that solid foundation of engrossing characters and stellar music. This latest season finds the residents of New Orleans still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and trying to rebuild their lives two years after the storm. While many of the expats are starting to come back to the city, they are still confronted with corrupt cops and con men looking to rake in the federal recovery dollars. 




Though this season ending is not as shocking as the last go round season three still ends with enough unanswered questions to keep you tuning in for more.     




Treme – The Complete Third Season /4 DVD | Blu-Ray release available /605 mins./HBO Studios/2013


Treme – The Complete Third Season (DVD)

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