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The process of actually locating a babysitter that is trustworthy and reliable is incredibly hard. There are a number of individuals that babysit that are far ahead of the average, and a new service named Babysitting Barter is looking to match these individuals with parents that require a babysitter’s services. Brian Mannix, the owner of Babysitting Barter, has provided this service as a competing service to the newspaper or other community-based online services. By having a specific focus in mind, Babysitting Barter will be able to better vet their babysitters and give a greater quality assurance to those that end up utilizing the website. The service went through a lengthy beta process before going live to the public to ensure that visitors are provided with an experience that is exactly what Mannix intended when fomenting the idea of the service. Babysitting Barter’s Trustworthy Ties allow viewers to go and see which babysitters that their friends have utilized; the word of mouth aspect to the service will provide a further way to showcase the quality of those babysitters active on the website.

Make sure to visit their website at for more information, to become a babysitter, or to locate a babysitter around your neck of the woods. The website also fosters a more close-knit local area through their Barter Business Network. The service increases local businesses’ income through providing them with a way to advertise specials and other coupons.

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