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Prospect is a very emotion track that requires nothing more than Thorpe’s fantastic voice. The different harmonies that she achieves before the whistling begins is simply unparalleled in music, with comparisons being drawn to Sarah McLachlan or Paula Cole. The production of this track makes this a candidate for alternative or pop stations, while the honest sound of Thorpe’s vocals will draw listeners in.


Can I See What’s In Your Backpack is a very short track, but is able to stick with listeners long after it ends. The melodies created by Thorpe on Lullabies and Wake-Up Calls continue to pick up steam as the disc continues. The one-two punch of Mining for Gold and Brick Wall showcase diametrically opposed philosophies regarding run time (1:40 and 5:17), overall tempo, influencing genres, and output. This desire to go out in a bold new fashion continues with the final third of the album, with State of Things and Morning Rush Hour in Cartown providing an emphatic yet touching end to a solid album. I feel that the unique time signature that Thorpe chooses for this song makes this effort timeless – listeners will be able to sing along months, if not years, after an initial listen.

Make sure to visit Thorpe’s website for samples of her music, further information about how to purchase Lullabies and Wake-Up Calls, and additional information regarding future live dates. Lullabies and Wake-Up Calls can be purchased directly in a physical format from Thorpe, or one can purchase an online version of this album from iTunes.

Top Tracks: Can I See What’s In Your Backpack, State of Things, Morning Rush Hour in Cartown

Rating: 8.6/10

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