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Monk’s Blood has a wonderful reddish-brown color and a small tannish head that sticks around for a decent time. The beer has a decent amount of hop flavor that is moderated by a bit of sweetness. These two elements combine to make for a beer that is eminently drinkable despite having a considerable (8.3%) alcohol percent.  There are hints of molasses, raisins, dark fruits, vanilla, and even licorice that can be discerned in each can. The malt flavor comes through married to the more sugar-based elements of the beer, ensuring that individuals will have a decidedly different flavor profile no matter where they are at in the experience. This beer is the perfect choice for those early spring nights, before the temperature warms up – individuals will be kept nice and toasty as the chill still is present in the air. The beer is a perfect introduction to hoppier efforts as well as trappist ales; it will have a twist to it that will appease a wide subset of beer fans.

Visit the 21st Amendment Brewery website for more information about the variety of beers that they provide, their restaurant, and various updates through their blog.

Rating: 9.5/10

Monk’s Blood / 8.3% ABV / 21st Amendment Brewery /

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