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Follow is an album that shows a variety of styles, providing listeners with a great introduction to the band. The album starts off with Wrecking Ball, a mid-tempo track that takes on hints of Maroon 5, Mumford & Son, and Matchbox 20.The track deftly blends equal parts instrumentation and alluring vocals. The track moves into Water from the Well, an intricate effort that provides just as much narrative with the strings as is brought to the track by the smooth vocal melodies. The down-home feel continues through subsequent tracks, with Come on Home coming forth with a slinky and soulful sound. Hints of Damien Jurado, Bruno Mars, and John Maher all present themselves. While the band settles into a move Dave Matthews meets John Denver sound, the interplay between the percussion and guitars here makes for a fulfilling effort that will yield much to listeners.

How a Man’s Supposed to Die is the shortest track on Follow, but it may just be the hardest hitting on the album. The track feels as if it is issuing from an old radio, and the more narrow and focused sound of The Currys makes this track hard to forget. Nothing Good is the ultimate track on Follow, and it acts as a perfect closing to a solid album. This track allows The Currys to shine while taking on hints of fun. And Tracy Chapman. Visit The Currys’ website for information about the band, their videos, tour dates, and samples of their music, and make sure to visit them whenever they come to your neck of the woods.


Top Tracks: Water from the Well, How a Man’s Supposed to Die
Rating: 8.7/10

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