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It’s sometimes easy to forget just how controversial the genre of punk rock was years ago. Long before every mall in America flogged Ramones and Clash t-shirts and before 6-year old kids were sporting mohawks on the school bus, the Sex Pistols scandalized a conservative England and eventually the U.S., by going on a live TV Show and cursing at stuffy host Bill Grundy, essentially ending his career and launching theirs.

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That famous Grundy clip is here, as are dozens and dozens of other Sex Pistols interviews and news footage, collected from the mid-‘70s up to the bands blazingly naked cash grab reunion in 2008.

The DVD is also filled out with interviews from plenty of those inside the Sex Pistols orbit, like designer Vivian Westwood and Pistols puppet master and eventual John Lydon archenemy Malcolm McLaren. Though not for everyone, this is a much watch for any true fan of the genesis of punk rock.

The Sex Pistols on TV/139 mins./MVD Visual/2014

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