Posted on: October 15, 2014 Posted by: John B. Moore Comments: 0

Much like their first four efforts, Horse Feathers’ latest, So It Is With Us, is a collection of quiet, indie music that straddles the line between folk and Americana. And that is far from being a bad thing.


With hushed vocals delivered over everything from French horns and viola to a vibraphone, this Portland five-piece has settled into a comfortable, but still impressive sound. Songs like the album opener, “Violently Wild” (which is anything but) and the faster tempo “Old Media” find the band continuing their path of nice mellow jams.

Granted after 10 songs, the music starts to sound the same, with one song bleeding into the next, but still a great background soundtrack.

Horse Feathers – So It Is With Us/10 tracks/Kill Rock Stars/2014

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