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Titan Slayer has just released their latest single Desolated Heroes on Venator Music. There is a nice load-up period that starts things off, drawing listeners in as the arrangements gradually begin to pick up steam. The epic stylings of this single mean that listeners will be absolutely engrossed in the composition by the time that the last minute finishes and will be on the edges of their seats by the time that Titan Slayer moves into higher gear. The different movements in the track dovetail nicely into one another despite having a different constellation of sounds and influences bubbling through; it is this spontaneous and eclectic sound that makes this track a hit.22UPPovs7JA

The track is a very dense and detailed effort that will require a number of additional spins before listeners can fully understand the full bevy of sounds, styles, and influences that the act has placed into the composition. Stylistically, the track links together J-rock, dubstep, and industrial music into something that is hard-hitting while still having an orchestral fullness. The effort has a considerable narrative quality to it, a fact that is all the more impressive considering that the cut is fully instrumental – there is a story that is weaved throughout the track’s 3:17 that will stick with listeners long after the last strains ring out.

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Rating: 8.7/10

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