Posted on: October 17, 2014 Posted by: John B. Moore Comments: 0

With just 10 songs, the duo Kool Stuff Katie has managed to sneak in the best debut of the year. Unfortunate band name aside, Portland-based musicians Shane Blem and Saren Oliver have crammed together garage rock, new wave, punk and a liberal mix of hooky pop music for an instantly-infectious sound that brings to mind everyone from The Cars and The Kinks to The Breeders and The Ramones.

The duo – Oliver on drums, Blem on guitar and both on vocals – manage to make a lot more noise than you’d expect from a two piece. From the rollicking opener, “Hard Girl to Know,” all the way through to the final track, the band is a sonic whirlwind of distorted chords, frenetic drumming and maddeningly catchy choruses.

A flawless execution from top to bottom.

Kool Stuff Katie – Self-titled/10 tracks/Self-Released/2014



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