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There are few easy drinking efforts that microbreweries currently provide. It seems as if the breweries are attempting to create the most assertive efforts that they can meaning that individuals that just want a beer are typically left out in the cold. The new brewery has attempted to shatter this illusion and provide individuals with a beer that is both easy drinking and flavorful as all get out. The Truck Stop Honey pours with a dark amber to medium brown coloration and a tannish meets beige head but what will immediately draw individuals in are the sweets and grain heavy parts of the nose that will issue forth shortly after cracking open a bottle.truck_stop_honey_bottle


The beer sips incredibly easy; there is not much in the way of hops to speak of with Truck Stop Honey but one can easily discern biscuit and other hints of malts that are present at all points in the beer. Subsequent sips will marry this initial flavor explosion with hints of wheat and barley to create the solid drinking efforts that will follow. The beer is placed at a low ABV (6.0%) to ensure that one can knock back a few of the Truck Stop Honey bottles no matter whether they are at a game, dinner or other family or friend-heavy occasion. The actual labeling of the beer is a perfect blend of vintage and current while the company seems to have their ear firmly on the ground regarding the efforts that the average beer drinker wants to have improved over the norm. For additional information about the company’s product line and year round and seasonal offerings visit their website at that provides ample information regarding the entirety of their product line offering meaning that one can find the specific array of flavors, materials included, and other nuances to each of Back Forty’s beers.


Rating: 8.0 / 10


Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale / Back Forty Beer Company / 6.0% ABV /  /

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