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Lawson Garrett has created a style of music that is deeply emotive and honest. The rich sounds that issue forth during Language of Love tie together James Taylor and Randy Newman, adding hints of CCR and even blues legends like Ray Charles into the mix. The rich production of this track makes it ready for radio rotation, while there are enough twists and turns here to keep the interest high from beginning to end.



The fact that Garrett is able to link together a wide range of music from the fifties to the seventies and beyond is testament to his tremendous ability. The track shines brightest through the dynamic created between the instrumental and vocal elements. Where there is a very pop-friendly sound created by Language of Love, listeners will hear thoughtful and deep arrangements hidden amongst the track’s sunny demeanor. The multiple vocals could easily hamstring the track, but both parts are able to join together to create something that is much greater than the sum of the parts.

Language of Love is a beautiful track that will uplift a listener’s mood, a fact made all the more impressive considering that the track closes up shop at three and a half minutes. The replay value of Language of Love is considerable as there has been so much placed into this run time; this is a six-course meal done in a time that artists struggle to make a cogent statement.

Make sure to visit Lawson’s domain or ReverbNation for additional information about this eclectic and unique performer; there are full length tracks, live tour dates, and much more available at . He will be releasing his latest album, Whole Earth Volume 2 sometime in 2015.

Rating: 8.6/10

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