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Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle’s Double Down Boogie is a track that blends together blues with a down and dirty rock style. The sizzling guitars that open this track will immediately draw listeners in, while the lush production of the track makes this cut ready for rock rotation. There is a certain emotional intensity to this opening composition that requires no vocals; the interplay between the guitars, drums, and bass is more than enough to whet listeners’ appetites.


In fact, I feel that the instrumental tack taken by Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle during this opening salvo provides fans with a sense that the band is completely able to create a song that is rocking from beginning to end.

Til The Devil Knows I’m Dead throws some reggae influence into the style with a guitar/vocal call and response section threaded through the whole of the track. Let’s Let Love allows the bass ample time to shine; the dynamic that the ropy lines possess with the guitars and drums makes for something wholly different than had been heard on the track, while the vocals keep the composition chugging along with a high momentum.

While the music on the latest Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle release takes the form of a wide variety of stylers and sounds, the constancy of the band’s compositions and sheer fun espoused in each of the disc’s four cuts should give listeners more than enough of a reason to continue to listen in. Add Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle on Soundcloud for samples of their music and Facebook for the latest in information about this band.

Top Tracks: Til The Devil Knows I’m Dead, Let’s Let Love

Rating: 9.0/10

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