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Love Axe, you’re late! What took you so long?


With Material Issue, Jellyfish and Superdrag all relegated to the gone, but not forgotten pile, the world was growing impatient waiting for the next great thinking person’s pop band to show up. With their sophomore effort, the wildly impressive South Dakota, Love Axe has finally arrived to fill the void.

The Los Angeles, by way of San Francisco, four piece blends elements of power pop, jangle rock and psych pop in a surprisingly unforced manner. You can easily tire yourself coming up with superlatives to describe songs like the album opener “Baby to Bed,” “Such a Waste of a Good Thing” (speaking of Jellyfish) or the immediately infectious “Irresponsible”.

The next time you hear someone complain that no one is making good music anymore, shut ‘em up by handing over a copy of South Dakota.

Love Axe – South Dakota/11 tracks/New Granada/2015

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