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Mpathy’s Golden Boy is an electronic-infused track that will have listeners singing along after the first few listens to the titular EP. During the track, there is a deliberate and intense drum beat with a sterling set of vocals that are reminiscent of acts like They Might Be Giants and Depeche Mode. Taken together, what results is a fun track that will get listeners on the dance floor. The track is mastered perfectly, meaning that Mpathy could easily get some radio rotation with this track. There is a fullness here from the variety of elements that listeners will be able to discern, meaning that there are hints of ropey soul-infused bass, Chromeo-esque synths, and enough in the way of twists and turns to keep listeners hanging onto every note.goldeboy

Dangerous Love is an effort that ties together current EDM and dubstep styles with mid-nineties J-pop and Miami sound to create something that a wide swath of fans can appreciate while coming forth in a bold new way. The ability of Mpathy to build up dramatic tension and move to near silence makes for a much more complete and effecting track than most of what currently can be heard on podcasts and digital music services. There is a heaviness to Dangerous Love that pushes the Golden Boy EP to an entirely higher plateau.

Unemployment eschews much of the outright electronic elements for an effort that is more in step with Digital Ash in a Digital Urn-era Bright Eyes. There is a tenderness on this track that introduces Mpathy fans to an entirely new facet of the performer. The three constituent tracks on the Golden Boy EP should be enjoyed together to provide a full introduction to this fascinating performer. Check Mpathy’s Facebook for the latest in information about these fascinating tunes.

Top Tracks: Golden Boy, Dangerous Love

Rating: 8.4/10

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