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Sarantos has just released a new single, What If I Never See You Again. The track is very vocally-heavy, with the harmonies achieved by Sarantos working in two distinct ways. The narrative aspect of Sarantos’ music takes listeners on a journey over the course of eight minutes, while Sarantos’ voice unites with the rest of the instrumentation to create a track that will resound loudly with listeners long after the track has ceased to play.What-If-I-Never-See-You-Again-song-artwork-for-Sarantos-solo-music-artist-web

The most interesting part of What If I Never See You Again has to be the vocal range that is achieved; the variety of notes that are captured by Sarantos’ voice is made all the more poignant with the deliberate drum and piano. There are a variety of layers that are present during Sarantos What If I Never See You Again that will require listeners to play the single a number of times before fully understanding every twist and turn that has been placed into the composition. The composition bucks genre conventions, standing as a work of art and as a radio-ready single. This means that there is much more meat on this body; the composition is filling and epic in a fashion that current music is unable to achieve. The overall depth of What If I Never See You Again Single means that the eight minute run time is as well thought-out and dense as any feature length film. The track is focused on providing light to a very dark place, and Sarantos does this well.

Make sure to visit the lyric video for a fitting set of images for this touching and intricate song. To check out the latest in the world of Sarantos, his domain contains considerable amounts of information.

Rating: 8.6/10

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