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TJ Doyle begins On The Horizon with Neil Young-esque vocals, including richly emotive guitar work and a full sound to the backing instrumentation; Change is a track that could receive play on alternative or rock stations. Cold Rain has each element of Doyle’s band shine, whether it be the intricate and ropy bass line, the splashy drums, or TJ’s vocals that spread out authoritatively over the composition.


Something for You is a highlight of the early-middle of On The Horizon, as TJ’s vocals pull double duty in establishing a cogent narrative while harmonizing nicely with the guitar/drum dynamic enacted during the track. A sizzling guitar line differentiates the track from the rest of On The Horizon and pushes listeners to listen to the second half of the album.

Living in Our Dream has a nice ascending motion as TJ moves toward the chorus; as the track continues to spin, listeners will be treated to soulful guitar work, on-point drums, and a wizened set of vocals to lead listeners to the end. The production of Living in Our Dream is particularly special as all constituent elements of the TJ Doyle Band can be discerned but are presented alongside just the slightest amount of grit. By including these small twists and turns during On The Horizon, TJ has ensured that fans will want to keep the album on their players through the next months. The compositions on this title come from a wide variety of places, and it is this eclectic nature that differentiates the release from other artists currently performing.

On The Horizon has a release date of April 8th; for those in the Hollywood area, the TJ Doyle band will be taking the stage at the historic Whisky A Go Go at 8 PM on 4/9.

Top Tracks: Something for You, Living in Our Dream

Rating: 8.7/10

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