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International yoga and wellness expert, Tiffany Cruikshank has joined forces with global fashion brand Liquido to create an exclusive line of stylish and socially conscious fitness wear. The Liquido by Tiffany Cruikshank collection was introduced on January 15 at Yoga Journal Live.


Bold and confident, this limited edition fitness wear has been specifically designed for women who like to integrate fashion and fitness into their lifestyle.


“This line was created to support the fashion forward woman with an active lifestyle to effortlessly transition through the different phases of her day,” Cruikshank explains.


The limited edition fashion line was conceptualized and designed by Cruikshank, an internationally acclaimed author and wellness expert, and Liquido’s global distributor, Renata Facchini, in response to a growing demand for robust and functional fitness wear with beautiful and stylish design. The collaboration is the culmination of many years of mutual respect and friendship between Cruikshank and Facchini.


“Tiffany used to help me choose patterns and styles at Liquido HQ,” Facchini remarks. “We had so much fun doing it that the idea of a signed collection by her emerged.”


This collection features four patterns of limited edition pants, five colors of limited edition sports bras, and five colors of limited edition workout tops. Each pattern has one of the following pattern names: Soul Sister, Kindred Spirit, All For One, and Grateful Heart. Prices are dependent on the specific article and range from $31.00-$82.00.


The line is being launched in conjunction with Cruickshank’s Yoga Medicine initiative and a percentage of all sales will be donated to education and wellness projects throughout India, including The Nabadisha Education Project, which addresses education and support issues for street and working children in the heart of Kolkata. Working with the Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF), Cruikshank’s Yoga Medicine will host a very special Seva (service) teacher-training module in December 2015 in support of the Nabadisha Project.


An advocate for socially conscious fashion, Facchini hopes that this limited edition range may be the beginning of a long-standing relationship between Liquido and the Yoga Medicine charities.


“Our items are becoming incredibly popular with women across the world. We hope that, through these limited edition items, we can look to extend our charitable donations across the entire Liquido range,” Facchini explains.


More information on this limited edition active wear can be found at

About Liquido

Liquido was first started in 2001 by a family in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and is an active wear clothing company that specializes in creating functional but fabulous pieces. In 2009, entrepreneur and yogi, Renata Facchini brought the brand to Australia and now offers everything from yoga pants to high impact sports bras, and holds the distribution rights for Liquido worldwide. The range is now coveted by those in the know in both the yoga and fashion industries.


About Tiffany Cruikshank

Tiffany Cruikshank has studied holistic medicine and yoga since she was 14. An international yoga teacher, author and health & wellness expert, Tiffany is known as the teacher’s teacher and has written for and graced the cover of many prominent publications. She is internationally acclaimed due to her ability to combine over two decades of dedicated yoga practice & study in Holistic Medicine with over a decade working with patients to create an effective method of training teachers to use yoga as medicine.

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