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It’s a little surprising to hear that Faith Healer is actually the alias for Canadian folkie Jessica Jalbert. Her first solo album, Cosmic Troubles is under this new moniker, while still having a softness thanks to Jalbert’s light as air vocals, is complimented nicely with a strong psychedelic pop vibe.


Though not under-produced, the record isn’t gummed up with a slick polish, leaving plenty of rawness to highlight Jalbert’s vocals.  There are plenty of swirling guitars on tracks like “Canonized” and the title track, but she also adds in some solid 1960s garage rock influences throughout.

There’s a confidence in this latest collection of songs that finds Jalbert leaning more on her voice than the instruments that back her, making this one of her most satisfying efforts to date. She is once again joined by collaborator and fellow Canadian Renny Wilson for this compelling set.

Faith Healer – Cosmic Troubles/11 tracks/Mint Records/2015

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