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IDOLATRY is looking to make a name for themselves in Eastern Canada. The group want to maintain the exclusive nature that traditional European black metal bands apply to their music as well as performances. The band has booked a seven day tour that extends from Winnipeg to Toronto.Unlike most bands that play a ‘going away show’ IDOLATRY have no plans to follow the mold and bring their terrifying live show to other markets.

The tour is being sponsored by the band’s label Death To Peace Productions and features various locals including; Catharcyst (Quebec), Muff Huffers (Ontario), and Shadow Chief (Quebec). Idolatry are ready to bring their dark, oppressive black metal and unique stage show to various fans ready to be enveloped into their world.

View all the listed dates:

May 16 – Winnipeg, Manitoba @ The Zoo

May 20 – Toronto, Ontario @ Coalition T.O

May 22 – Montréal, Québec @ Bar Hemisphère Gauche

May 23 – Québec, Québec @ Salle Unisson

May 24 – Saguenay, Québec @ K-Baret

May 27 – Sudbury, Ontario @ Little Montréal

May 29 – Brandon, Manitoba @ North Hill Inn

‘Infection Born of Ending’ a 7’ split with Columbus, Ohio Black Metal group Unrest featuring the unique Idolatry track is available to purchase through BigCartel. There will only be 40, hand numbered copies available.The split is available for pre-order April 3, 2015 and will be available June 2015.

Track Listing

Side A: Unrest – Of Filth

Side B: Idolatry – Clefs au Chambre de Tristêsse / …Once Thought of Webs

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Creaking, bleak and articulate in its fury, Idolatry perform dynamic black metal that is at once cold and calculating, and then a schizophrenic catharsis. Comprised of members from Edmonton’s finest pedigree of extreme metal with singular vision to be old Norway’s soldier in Canada’s frozen tundra of misery. Live, Idolatry is corpse painted, spiked, and manic, raiding crowds of their attention to all else….terrifying. At the pen, Idolatry is wise and ancient. Heavily steeped in philosophy and the defense of Atheistic Satanism and the expulsion of abhorrent inner turmoil.

Fear what is coming….. Lest the mirrors paint your face in our madness.


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