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Your War is Over is an impassioned track that showcases the vocal and instrumental ability of John Preston. The track is able to capture the spirit of John Mayer, the Goo Goo Dolls, and Fuel while having an intensity to each lyric that is hard to beat. The narrative created here provides light to a phenomenon that has largely went unreported by the national media – allowing current and former soldiers the ability to come to terms with what they have done in service of their country.


Good Good America builds up the tension nightly, with Preston adding tempestuous elements (guitars, drums) to create a hard-rocking track in the vein of Incubus and Saliva. Preston is able to imbue this track with considerable charisma, establishing this effort as something that will resound loudly in listeners’ minds and hearts long after the track has ceased.

This is War takes equal parts from the fifties rockabilly tradition, a later (sixties) Credence Clearwater Revival / folk, and punk approach to make for a song that comes from left field. The effort is bouncy, catchy, and has no similar referent – this is a pure expression of the nuanced Preston and is able to be a shining effort on this disc as a result.

Before I Am Gone provides an emphatic end to the Your War is Over EP through little more than a guitar and a percussion that keeps the beat. Few artists are able to tell such a vibrant story with so little, but Preston makes the resulting effort into one of the deepest radio-ready cuts that we have heard. For samples of the Your War is Over EP, check out Preston’s social media accounts.

Top Tracks: Your War is Over, Good Good America

Rating: 8.6/10

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