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Portland, Oregon’s Cedar Teeth begin their Hoot with Locks, a track that showcases a blues-laden take on indie rock. The blend of harmonica, guitar, walking bass, and punchy drums will immediately draw listeners in as the vocals call comparisons to Neil Young. Boots is a close and cozy track, with introspective arrangements bolstering the effecting vocals. The production of Hoot allows these two disparate elements the ability to join together and give fans something cohesive to appreciate. The band gradually increases the speed of the composition without losing the down-home sound that has been cultivated to this point.


Fragrance of Cool is tremendously deep and detailed, with the sheer depth of composition ensuring that listeners will have to spin the composition a number of times before fully understanding each arrangement and interaction. There are hints of Jane’s Addiction and Blind Melon that can be heard here, but with just enough expansive and psychedelic-tinged guitar work to establish the song as wholly unique and new.  Our favorite track on Hoot has to be Simple Bend in Time as it is able to simultaneously create a track that could garner play on alt-rock/collegiate radio stations while having a complexity similar to Gravity’s Rainbow.

The instrumental on the track turns, chugs along, and creates a palette for the vocals to properly shine while machinating to give listeners something sublimely satisfying. For more information about Cedar Teeth and their latest music, give their domain or social networking sites a spin. Hoot is the rare example of a disc that gets stronger with time and is able to balance between dense and detailed soundscapes and catchy tunes.

Top Tracks: Fragrance of Cool, Simple Bend in Time

Rating: 8.3/10

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