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Garden of Delete album in NeuFutur

Oneohtrix Point Never is musician, composer and producer Daniel Lopatin. Active under the moniker since 2007, the new album Garden of Delete is due November 13th, 2015 on Warp Records.

Oneohtrix Point Never has just released the first music from the latest album. The single is named “I Bite Through It”.”

Full tracklisting for the album is also being released today:


  1. Intro
  2. Ezra
  4. Sticky Drama
  5. SDFK
  6. Mutant Standard
  7. Child of Rage
  8. Animals
  9. I Bite Through It
  10. Freaky Eyes
  11. Lift
  12. No Good

Garden of Delete album in NeuFutur28

Garden of Delete (or G.O.D.) will be available on Double Gatefold Vinyl, CD, and Digital editions available to preorder now at Bleep.   It will be accompanied with a select number of concerts featuring a new show developed in conjunction with longtime Oneohtrix Point Never collaborator Nate Boyce.


Lopatin’s rigorous approach to composition and creation in general has proven him to be an influential and significant figure of the modern soundscape. And it is through a series of abstract interviews, trailers and recordings that this project has been revealed.




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